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Total Battery Management Limited (TBM) are a European Dealer for one of the world’s leading manufacturers of battery changing equipment, Battery Handling Systems, Inc (BHS).
BHS has almost 30 years of experience providing products and services to customers worldwide. TBM partnered with BHS, designs and delivers the best solutions for battery changing applications for any budget size.

BHS are a market leader in the battery changing industry with over 700 battery changing systems shipped globally.

Durable and powerful, each BHS product is the result of established manufacturing and engineering processes to provide the quality assurance deserved.

TBM offers a comprehensive line of BHS products to meet the needs for any application, and all equipment fully complies with the latest ‘CE Marking and Certifications’. TBM also offers such services as full system design, installation and a complete after sales service. Installation teams cover all aspects of battery room requirements including installation of the battery changing system, ventilation, electrical installation and health & safety requirements such as drench showers and eye washes. TBM also provides a total battery room management package.

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